This has been said to me enough times that I’ve started to believe it.

I am blessed with the gifts of music, language, and a larger-than-life persona.

I use these gifts to benefit individuals, couples, groups, communities, and businesses.

Songs form the basis of everything I do. Musical storytelling drives the action and fans the flame.

From the songs come gatherings, where those songs and others are shared, infused, and celebrated.

And from the gatherings come more songs, more gatherings, and playshops with transformative purpose.

You’re in the right place if you’re looking to mainline creativity, personal growth, and collaborative enterprise.

These are my guiding themes, as I believe them to be critical skills for human beings to embrace and master at this moment in our collective evolution.

The songs, gatherings, and playshops you’ll find here are all created in the spirit and with the strong intention to stimulate all three.

Rounding out the value of my offerings to your personal self, to your community, and to the energy with which you experience your world, I bring to the table a deep-seated commitment to be centered and grounded in the sacredness of this life, the always reliability of this present moment, with this person and these people right here right now.

And as I play my pipe to this tune, that you know well enough to have been singing it before you were born, my heart’s invitation to yours:

Don’t bother marching
nor struggle or fight
Relax, let go,
and dance, dance, dance into the light.

Here’s where I recommend you start your exploration of my world.